Statement about COVID-19

Current Policies in Regard to COVID-19

We here at Wolff’s are following the news along with all of you, and we know that things are changing by the day, by the hour sometimes! We remain committed to staying open to serve our community, but have decided to put the following proactive practices into effect, starting Wednesday, March 25.

As our region tries to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, we at Wolff’s are aware of all the concern and unanswered questions in our community. We want you to know that we are committed to remaining a place of convenience, comfort, and care for our customers. In the light of this emerging situation, we have instituted, and will continue to practice, extra precautions:

*We are disinfecting carts, baskets, tables, counters, and cold case handles periodically throughout the day.
*We have hand sanitizer available for customers.
*Our staff, as always, is careful to wash their hands between tasks and use disposable gloves where appropriate.
*Most toys have been removed from our kids’ area.
*Out of an abundance of caution, we have discontinued openly sampling any food while this virus remains an issue (but if you’d like to try something, just ask!)

We are so proud to be your community market, and we want our customers and staff to feel safe. Our small family store has survived quite a lot over the past 110 years, and we know we’ll weather this one too! Be smart, take care, and stay safe— and we’ll be here to help you along the way.

We will be open with reduced hours now, from 9am-5pm daily

  • In an effort to reduce staffing and allow more time for cleaning and sanitizing at the end of the day, we will close at 5:00 PM daily.
  • We still invite our most vulnerable customers to come in and shop between 8-9 AM. This hour will be reserved for seniors and immuno-compromised individuals. 

Credit Cards Preferred

We are asking customers to please use credit cards whenever possible to limit the amount of cash changing hands.

Curbside Pick-Up

We are encouraging customers to make use of our curbside pickup system whenever possible! Anything we can do to limit the amount of people in our store will help us do our part to “flatten the curve.”

EVERYTHING we sell in our store is available for curbside pickup, even plants!*** (See note below)

Visit our price list which we’ll be adding to regularly as we have time. We have the staff on hand to answer questions about your orders or recommend substitutions if necessary. It’s a “casual” system, phone calls only, but we are helpful and friendly, and will do everything we can to make sure you have a good curbside shopping experience! Please call us at 610-566-1680 to place your order.

In-store shopping is still allowed, but we will maintain a maximum of 15 customers inside of the store at all times.

Curbside Pick-Up for Plants: Our fantastic curbside staff is able to handle small or simple plant orders. For large plant orders, or if you have a lot of questions, please call between the hours of 2-4 pm when we are less busy with essential food curbside pickup.

We would also like to remind our plant customers that the majority of our plant stock is outside and can be rung up separately at our open air register. We are confident in our ability to maintain the appropriate social distance with every customer in our plant lot.

If you are a curbside customer with plants AND produce on your shopping list, we suggest that you come on over to our plant lot to browse and shop, and then call the store to say you’ve arrived for your produce.

Questions? Check here for a list of FAQ’s regarding Curbside Pickups for Plants.

Sanitizing & Social Distancing

We will continue to sanitize surfaces regularly, as we have been.

All three of our inside registers will be OPEN, to decrease the amount of time customers have to stand in a line. We will also mark 6-foot spaces between customers so that we can all continue to practice our “social distancing,” even in the checkout line.

Our outside register is OPEN, so Garden Center customers do not have to walk through the store unnecessarily.

Thank you!

Thank you for bearing with us through these difficult times. We really want to be as responsible and safe as possible as we stay open for our community. Your cooperation will help us do that.