We source local meats from Lone Star Farm in Lancaster County, PA and Canter Hill Farm in Malvern, PA. ALL meats are frozen; this is the best way for small farms to guarantee optimal quality.

Lone Star provides us with all-natural, grass fed, dry-aged beef.

Canter Hill Farm provides us with pastured, all natural, organic chicken & poultry, and foraging heritage pork.

**The following is a price list of our most popular items. Please call the store to confirm availability**

Lone Star Farm
Ground Beef            $5.99 lb.
Chipsteak                $7.99 lb.
**This is the only beef we have right now from Lone Star. We plan to stock back up in mid-April**

Canter Hill Farm – Pork
Scrapple                            $8.99 lb.
Caseless Sausage            $10.99 lb.
Smoked Pork Kielbasa     $9.99 lb.
Pork Chorizo                     $9.99 lb.
Pork Breakfast Links         $10.99 lb.
Ground Pork                      $8.99 lb.
Bacon (pork)                      $12.99 lb.
Hot Dogs (pork & beef)      $11.99 pack of 10
Pork Chops                        $14.99 lb.
Sweet Italian Sausage       $11.99 lb.
Hot Italian Sausage            $11.99 lb.

Canter Hill Farm – Poultry
Boneless Skinless Breasts    $12.99 lb.
Boneless Skinless Thighs     $10.99 lb.
Leg & Thigh                           $6.99 lb.
Ground Turkey                      $9.99 lb.
Turkey Sausage                   $10.99 lb.
Chicken Sausage                 $11.99 lb.
(Garlic & Wine)
(Spinach & Feta)
**Canter Hill’s products can sell out very quickly, so availability is not guaranteed. They do deliver regularly, however, so it is always a good idea to call the store to see what we have in stock.**