Community Commitment

Community Commitment 

Nourishing Our Customers & Our Local Agricultural Economy by Selling the Highest Quality Food Possible

Knowing our Farmers

We have hand-select the very best produce for our community from farmers we know and trust. We develop relationships with these farmers, understand their agricultural practices and verify that their fruits and vegetables meet our high standards.

Offering Local Freshness

We offer a valuable product that most chain grocery stores do not—foods fresh from family farms within a 50-mile radius. Most supermarkets prefer to deal with only a few farms to source their products, so chances are you’ll never see asparagus grown on the East Coast or strawberries grown closer than Florida at many Pennsylvania grocery stores, even when they are fresh locally!

Staying “Always in Season”

Being “Always in Season” means that fruits and vegetables arrive fresh at our market every day. Even during the winter, we offer farm-fresh cold-hardy produce to our community!

Fresh Produce Means Flavor & Nutrition

Local farmers are able to grow foods for superior taste, without worrying about whether their produce will withstand industrial harvesting equipment and long travel. Also, local produce is usually sold the day or day after it is picked. That means you’re not only getting the freshest possible fruits and veggies, but you’re also getting the most nutritious produce possible! Fruits and vegetables lose nutrients as their freshness fades. And since produce from most chain supermarkets can spend up to two weeks in transit, it is not nearly as fresh or healthy.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

Offering Informed Assistance

Expert assistance is always nearby at Wolff’s. Knowing our vendors and being a family- and community-staffed business give us a depth of knowledge that serves our customers.

Listening to Customers

We listen to our customers’ requests. The items we stock reflect the needs and preferences our customers have expressed.

Welcoming Our Shoppers

Our staff combines knowledge and hospitality. We want you to feel welcome as you shop!

Creating an Authentic Space for Community

Our historic farm market creates an authentic and meaningful space where the community can socialize. The main base of our farm market was built in 1932 and currently houses our homemade prepared foods, dairy & grocery items, frozen foods and produce, along with our bakery, fireplace, and café seating. The historic, rustic look of our farm market is the real thing!

Supporting Local Farmers, Artisans and Businesses

Sustaining the Local Economy

The large quantity of items we source locally supports this community’s farmers, artisans and businesses and makes the community aware of the talented, dedicated and innovative entrepreneurs in our region. Buying local food can provide five times more investment in our local economy than buying at a supermarket would!

Helping to Save Open Space

Land values are high in the Greater Philadelphia area and business we give to local farmers ensures that farmland stays productive and open.

Reducing Food Miles

We buy from vendors no more than 50 miles away whenever possible and currently offer fruits and vegetables from over 65 local farms. In contrast, most of the produce found in a supermarket has traveled an average of 1500 miles by the time it reaches your table! 

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