Wolff’s bakery carries an array of fine pastries and baked goods. Many of our local bakers deliver to our store daily. All baked goods are made from scratch using all natural ingredients.  Stop by Wolff’s and choose from bread and rolls, cookies, pies, muffins and bagels, carrot cake, scones, apple fritters and soft pretzels.  We know our bakers—and we certainly know that their baked goods are delicious.

Bread & Rolls

Le Bus Bakery, the Philadelphia area’s famous bread baker and Abruzzi Bakery in Philadelphia keep our shelves full of fresh bread and rolls. Abruzzi Bakery makes French baguettes, Italian bread and long rolls. Le Bus Bakery provides us with your choice of sliced or whole loaves of multi-grain, raisin walnut, Italian, country French, focaccia and sourdough bread. Abruzzi delivers early every morning, ensuring that we get their delicious bread in plenty of time before we open.

Breakfast Treats

Muffins, Scones, Bagels

My House Cookies, right around the corner in Glen Mills, PA, supplies scones, and Le Bus Bakery in King of Prussia makes all of our muffins, bagels and croissants.

Enjoy these breakfast treats with fair trade, shade grown coffee from Burlap & Bean in Newtown Square, PA available by the cup in our store!  You can even warm up the baked goods in our toaster, spread some complimentary butter, cream cheese or jam on your breakfast treat, and grab a seat on the comfortable red couches in our cafe area!


Pies, Cookies, Carrot Cake

Our pies are made with the same fresh fruit found in our market by Marie Connell of My House Cookies. These all natural pies use the freshest ingredients. No artificial ingredients are ever used—no high fructose corn syrup or trans fats—and the crusts are made with real butter. Our carrot cake is also specially made by My House Cookies. My House delivers freshly baked pies to our market twice a week. Varieties are in keeping with what’s in season, including blueberry, mixed berry, key lime heirloom apple and apple caramel walnut. We offer many more varieties of pies and baked goods are available leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, check back for updates around the holidays.

My House Cookies provides us with delectable cookie varieties, including:

  • Purely Peanut
  • Oatmeal Cherry
  • Ginger Spice
  • Blackout
  • Orange Coconut
  • Chocolate Chip (with or without walnuts)

Jes Made provides us with delicious German butter cake and fruit pancakes.

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free

Flowerless Goodies in West Chester, PA satisfies your gluten-free breakfast cravings with chocolate chip banana bread and cinnamon swirl coffee cake.

Taffets in Philadelphia brings a wealth of gluten-free and dairy free breads, rolls, and muffins, as well as gluten-free baked goods like cookies and brownies.

Note: Flowerless Goodies and Taffets baked goods may not be available during the winter.

Specialty Apple Desserts

Cider Doughnuts, Apple Fritters & Pumpkin Doughnuts 

We sell delicious apple cider doughnuts, pumpkin doughnuts and apple fritters from Jes Made Bakery, a third-generation bakery in Lenni.  Jes Made brings us fresh apple cider and apple fritters every morning!

Soft Pretzels

A bakery in the Philadelphia area wouldn’t be complete without soft pretzels. Center City Pretzel—a family owned business and the tri-state area’s only all-natural pretzel bakery—delivers this classic Philly taste.