Dairy & Eggs

Wolff’s is the place to shop for all natural everyday dairy favorites and local and imported gourmet cheeses.

Everyday Favorites

Milk, Whipped Cream & Butter- Our natural and organic milk, whipped cream and butter come straight from local farmers to you. Organic milk is supplied by Natural by Nature and conventional milk is from Hy-point dairy.

Eggs- We carry a variety of natural options for eggs, including organic and local eggs. Isaac Stolzfus supplies eggs from organically raised, pasture-fed chickens, Nature’s Yoke supplies organic, cage-free eggs, and our traditional eggs are from Westfield Egg Farm.

Yogurt- We proudly carry Pequea Valley Farms yogurt from Lancaster County.  Milk for this locally famous yogurt comes from grass-fed Jersey cows, and this rich and creamy yogurt is full of fresh fruit.

Sour Cream & Cottage Cheese- Our dairy case is stocked with Penn-Maid cottage cheese and sour cream.

Gourmet Cheese

Brie- Our brie is creamy and flavorful brie from Ile-de-France.

Mozzarella- Toscana Cheese Company, an award-winning cheese maker from Secaucus, New Jersey, supplies our fresh mozzarella cheese made from authentic European recipes.

DiBruno Brothers in Philadelphia also brings us their delectable fresh mozzarella.

Gouda & Prima Donna- Our smoked Gouda is creamy and sweet.

Dutch Prima Donna Maturo cheese has the soft complexity of Gouda, with a slightly lower fat content and hints of caramel flavor.

Cheddar- Hillacre’s Pride raw milk cheddar from Lancaster County comes from the Arrowsmith family’s own herd and is hand-pressed and made in small batches.

Barber’s Vintage English Cheddar from Somerset County, England is made using traditional processes and fresh milk.

Blue Cheese- We sell award-winning St. Clemen’s Blue Cheese from Denmark.

Goat Cheese- Our dairy features many varieties of award-winning goat cheese from Montchevre in Wisconsin.  Amish farmers local to their company supply Montchevre’s all-natural milk.

String Cheese- Armenian String Cheese from Sun-Ni Cheese Company in Broomall is not your lunchbox string cheese—it is gourmet braided cheese and the original flavor is seasoned with mahleb, nigella seeds and a pinch of salt.  All of their varieties, including hickory smoked and marinated, are low in cholesterol and contain no trans fats.

Swiss Cheeses- Emmentaler, a nutty, sweet and mellow cheese, is Switzerland’s oldest cheese, the one most people mean when they say “Swiss Cheese.”

Von Muhlenen Gruyere is a nutty-flavored cheese known in Switzerland as one of the best fondue cheeses and also delicious by itself.

Spreads- DiBruno Brothers brings us gourmet cheese spreads perfect for entertaining.

Parmesan- We offer grated parmesan in bulk.