Garden Center


The plants, supplies and support you need

to grow a thriving garden




Locally Sourced Plants

Our plant nursery is alive with the colors and fragrances of locally sourced vegetable plants, herbs, shrubs and flowers. From seeds to plants to soils and mulches to accessories and pottery, our plant nursery is your garden resource center.

During plant season, our knowledgeable staff spends time with each of our customers to help them plan the gardens they envision that will flourish in their particular growing conditions. Our staff is often on hand to answer questions at the Plant Information House.

Please note our plant return policy:

      1. All returns must be accompanied by a receipt.
      2. All returns must be accompanied with the product.
      3. ALL returns are EXCHANGE ONLY. NO Cash Refunds:
        1. a. Exchange with SAME product, -OR
          b. Comparable product, if same product is no longer available.
    1. 4. All returns must be made within 10 days of purchase.


We carry a wide selection of seeds, including organic and non-GMO seeds from Botanical Interests and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. We also proudly carry seed potatoes and garlic to give your garden a head start.

Be sure to get your seeds and seed potatoes early in the season!

Soil, Fertilizer & Mulch

We stock our garden nursery with Organic Mechanics, Jersey Natural and Master Mix soils and mulches. We carry:

  • Potting Soils and Mixes (including Organic)
  • Topsoil and Garden Soil
  • Composted Humus and Manure
  • Organic and All-Natural Soil Amendments and Fertilizers
  • A Wide Variety of Mulches

Accessories & Pottery

Kids and adults will enjoy browsing our whimsical selection of artisan pottery and garden decorations, and you’ll find all the garden accessories you’ll need, including:

  • Watering Cans
  • Kneeling Pads
  • Gloves
  • Cultivators
  • Plant Stakes
  • Natural Deer and Rabbit Repellants