Free-Range Meat



Free-Range Meat from Local Family Farms




Beef from Lone Star Farm in Lancaster County, PA

Lone Star Farm, a family farm in Gap, PA, is committed to ethical and environmentally sound practices. Their cows are pastured and grass fed. When the grass needs to be supplemented seasonally, the steer are fed an all-vegetarian diet of homegrown harvests.

Lone Star Farm beef is dry-aged. Since some product is lost when trimmed for packaging, dry aging is less common and slightly more expensive, but the process yields a far superior taste and quality. At Wolff’s, we consider it the best way to age beef!

We carry the following Lone Star Farm beef products (availability subject to change): Several cuts of steak, brisket, ground beef and patties, roasts, beef cubes and soup bones.

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Free-range beef

Free-range meat from Canter Hill Farm

Chicken and Pork from Canter Hill Farm in Malvern, PA

We are proud to offer pastured, all natural, organic chicken and foraging heritage pork from Canter Hill Farm in Malvern.  Wayne and Jeannette Grabe began Canter Hill Farm in 2008 with a commitment to go “beyond organic” by employing the most natural methods possible.

We carry the following Canter Hill Farm products (subject to availability):

Chicken & Poultry: Whole chicken, boneless skinless breasts, legs & thighs, chicken sausage, turkey sausage, and ground turkey.

Pork: Sausage (caseless, breakfast links, smoked kielbasa, Italian, chorizo), Canadian and regular bacon, scrapple*, pork chops, ribs, ground pork, and pork and beef hot dogs
*Scrapple is the only Canter Hill product that is NOT gluten-free

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Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkeys a Lancaster County, PA farm

For Thanksgiving and Christmas, we sell fresh, free-range turkeys raised in Lancaster County on
the oldest turkey farm in the country! We have worked with this farm for almost 20 years and
have never seen higher quality turkeys anywhere. This family-run farm continues to impress us,
year after year.

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