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Get into the holiday spirit as you select your Christmas tree with a FREE cup of Wolff’s hot mulled cider. The first trees of the season arrive usually a little before Thanksgiving and we continue to get fresh trees throughout the season through Christmas Eve!

About our Christmas Trees

Our five varieties of hardy, aromatic Christmas trees come from two Pennsylvania farms.

  • Douglas Firs have the classic Christmas tree shape and aroma and offer an excellent value.
  • Concolor Firs, with their beautiful long-needle shape and pleasant citrus aroma, offer a unique variation on the traditional tree.
  • Nordmann Fir are the best choice for anyone with allergies because they have very little fragrance.  Their strong, symmetrical branches are perfect for large or heavy ornaments.  They have beautiful, soft, shiny green needles that are naturally waxy to prevent drying.  This means that Nordmann Firs have excellent needle retention!
  • Fraser Firs, our premier trees, are renowned for their aroma, fullness, needle retention and strong branches that support heavier ornaments.
  • Mediterranean Silver Firs have appealing two-tone needles with a dark silvery-green underside.  These needles radiate out from the stem, and if the tree is kept watered, it will retain its needles for a very long time!  This fir’s strong branches can hold heavy ornaments.

Christmas Tree Prices

Trees range in height from 3 to 12 feet with the pricing depending on size and variety. These trees are freshly cut to bring you long-lasting color and fragrance throughout the holiday season. Newly cut trees keep arriving from these farms throughout the season!

Hill View Christmas Tree Farm in Middleburg, PA and Hill Farm in Lehighton, PA have been supplying our trees for many years. Hill Farm has been growing premium trees since 1938, and Hill View Farm once supplied the White House with a Christmas tree!

Selecting the Perfect Tree

Fir and pine make the best Christmas trees. When you purchase a tree, choose a fresh-cut variety. Other stores sometimes sell trees that have been dyed at the farm before they are cut to give the illusion of freshness!

Please do NOT test a tree’s freshness by pulling and bending the needles, bouncing the butt of the tree on the ground to see if needles fall off or snapping small branches off. This does not always provide a clear indication of freshness and it can destroy the tree’s present appearance for others who visit the lot. Our staff is happy to assist you with finding the best tree for your holiday décor.

See our “Caring for Your Tree” blog article for more info on setting up your new tree and keeping it looking its best all season long!