locally grown peaches
Peaches Are Getting More & More Local!

When it comes to produce, I’m kind of a snob. Produce items – like corn and peaches – that I eat in the summer as if they were the only food that existed pretty much have no place in my kitchen when they are out of season.

This week, I skeptically tried some southern-grown corn on the cob and a Carolina peach. I admit, I was expecting rubbery corn and mealy peaches, but nevertheless I wanted to give them a try. To my delight, the corn was very sweet and crisp and the peaches were wonderfully sweet and juicy.  I will definitely be back for more of these peaches! And from what I hear, the growers in New Jersey are going to have corn on the cob for us at Wolff’s by early next week, making this the earliest we’ve ever had locally grown corn on the cob.

Quality is key to everything we sell here, so naturally, we strive to carry produce when it is as fresh as possible.  During locally grown corn season, we guarantee that you will get freshly picked corn at our market every single day. So now that you’ve checked corn on the cob off of your list and brought it home, what’s the best way to prepare it? Well, that’s actually one of the most frequently asked questions around here, so we’re here with a few tips. Last year, we published an article with two methods of cooking corn on the cob and we just got some recipe cards printed with these same instructions for our customers to take home. Stop in and pick these up as supplies last!