Peaches are off to a big start, and we can tell it’s going to be awesome peach season this year! Peaches thrive when there’s a wet spring and a hot, dry summer… which is exactly what this year has brought us so far!  We have great varieties of locally grown yellow and white peaches and yellow nectarines! 

Some fun peach facts:

  • Most of our peaches are grown by Joe Nichols in Franklinvillle, NJ; Ed Weaver in Morgantown, PA; and Richard Haas in Lancaster, PA—with deliveries almost every day!
  • Early season peaches are “clingstone,” and later in the season they are all “freestone.” Right now our peaches and nectarines are heading toward freestone, but most will have flesh that clings a bit to the pit, or “semi-clingstone.” But did you know that some peach lovers swear that clingstone varieties are sweeter? And they’re actually harder to find outside of orchards or local markets like Wolff’s!
  • White peaches are also hard to come by in regular grocery stores! They have a SUPER sweet, less tart taste, with slightly smoother flesh.
  • Clingstone peaches are popular for use in preserves or canning, because it’s ok if the flesh is bruised a bit when separating from the pit.