A few weeks ago the sunny warm days tricked me and I jumped the gun a bit by getting my garden started with tomatoes. Sadly, on one frosty cold night I forgot to cover my plants and they didn’t make it. Thankfully, you do not need to repeat my mistake because peak planting season has arrived! The frost warnings have cleared for the area and we can get to planting with the help of the knowledgeable, friendly staff at Wolff’s Garden Center.

Are you an expert gardener with lots of space?  Our garden center has a huge selection for your entire garden. Enjoy your space by planting a few different varieties of tomatoes, everything you’ll need for your summer salads, and if you’re like me you’ll want to make sure you browse through their different assortment of herbs to add to your recipes. When you’re finished in the vegetable garden section, don’t forget to stop by and browse through the array of flowers. With Memorial Day starting off the fun season of summer get-togethers, it’s time to get your yard looking as great as your vegetable gardens do!

If you’re not so expert a gardener, don’t fret. Let the professionals help! Head over to the garden center with a general plan of what you want in your garden this year. Create a list of produce you regularly purchase already locally grown from the market. Then let our expert staff help you decide which varieties are best for your garden — someone is usually on-hand to answer questions during plant season!

I enjoy making sauces and salads so my garden list is catered to that preference. I know I want tomatoes, basil, and oregano for my sauces and loose leaf lettuce and cherry tomatoes for my salads. I live in a second floor apartment and don’t have a yard so I have created a patio garden that suits my needs. If I had a bit of extra space I would add other items that I normally buy fresh but could grow on my own.

Choose what you enjoy and what you typically use; then, dream big for your garden this season!