If you have dreams of planting a garden this year, you can start now by planting seeds indoors and getting started on planting onion sets (partially sprouted onions in a paper bag.) In order to get the best results for your onion sets, we recommend following these instructions:

To Produce Big Onions:

  • Select a sunny location
  • Plant in early spring (as soon as the soil can be worked)
  • Mark rows at one foot apart
  • Plant onion sets three inches apart and about one inch deep
  • When the tops fall over, pull onions and allow to dry on top of the soil for several days
  • Remove from garden and store in a cool, dry place

To Produce Green or Salad Onions:

  • Plant throughout the spring at two-week intervals
  • Mark rows one foot apart
  • Plant onion sets 2-4 inches deep with the bulbs nearly touching (the deeper you plant, the more white portion will be produced)
  • Harvest when tops are about 10 inches tall – usually 4-6 weeks after planting
  • Refrigerate cleaned green onions in a glass of water to keep fresh and flavorful