Halloween circa 1990 L to R: Randy Dole, ??, Renee Padova, Jeff Wolovitz, Mike Will, Edie Brown, Amy Landis, Dennis Teefey, ??, Peter Wolff, Russ Sheldon

It’s March 15 and it was William Shakespeare who warned  “Beware the Ides of March”. And, I’m no history buff, but I’m pretty sure he was warning everyone about old Halloween pictures, because that’s what this week’s post is!! A favorite time at Wolff’s among family and staff has always been “Halloween Costume Weekend.” Below are a BUNCH of pictures over the years…see if you can find someone you know, or even yourself. I tried my best to identify everyone by name in all the pictures. But I do need some help! If I couldn’t remember someone’s name, I used “??” If you know anyone that I couldn’t identify, please let me know. Enjoy!

Halloween circa 1977 L to R: Nate Wolff, Tucker Daland, Pat Malamon, Lori Scofield, Ken Wolff, Kate Wolff
Halloween circa 1979 L to R: ??, Ken Wolff, Pat Malamon, ??, Daniel Dole
Halloween circa 1982 L to R: Bill Nelling, Carolyn Argo, Kate Wolff, ??, Ken Wolff
Halloween circa 1982 L to R: Lorraine Warren, Kate Wolff, Ken Wolff
Halloween circa 1987 L to R: Kathleen Padova, Will Evans, Kristen Posey, Vince Hickman, Peter Wolff, Kate Wolff, Ken Wolff
Halloween circa 1988 L to R: Kate Wolff, Dani Greisser, Judy McConnell, Erin Wolff, Fran Wolff, Lauren Kendig, ??, Gennie Wolff
Halloween circa 1990 L to R: Peter Wolff, Bea Porreca, Kathleen Bennett, Rasik Desai, Mike Will, Fran Wolff, Matt Cummiskey
Halloween circa 1990 L to R: Peter Wolff, Erin Eunson, Christina Suk, Angela Gillispie, Kathleen Bennett, Nancy Menold, Shane Serpico, Randy Dole, Edie Brown, Brian Bednarz


Halloween 2003 L to R: Ashley Wolff Pippin, Henry Neeb, Josh Lawrence, Jay Myers
Halloween 2003 L to R: Peter Wolff, Kris Wolff
Halloween 2003 L to R: Matt Toogood, ??, Fran Wolff, Kris Wolff, Peter Wolff, Christine Talley, Chrissy Rogowski, Steph Meluzio, Jackie Meluzio Clanton
Halloween 2004 L to R: Jay Myers, Emily Hardcastle, Kevin Coleman, Jackie Meluzio Clanton, Judson Podrebarac, Meghan Grau, Ashley Wolff Pippin, Kris Wolff, Peter Wolff



Halloween 2012 L to R: Steph Turnbull, Rob Turnbull, Allysa Carilla, Willy Gordon, Jill Ahern, Kyle Murray, Mitch Moir
Halloween 2013 Kneeling L to R: Hunter Faddis, Liam Poole. Standing L to R: Ashley Pilkington, Will Maher, Mitch Moir, Nicole Stahl, Rob Turnbull, Jill Ahern, Jess Buckley
Halloween 2013 L to R: Joe Turnbull, Fran Wolff, Justin Barbieri, Judson Podrebarac
Halloween 2015 L to R: Montana Miles, Sarah Hinde, Paige Clark, Mitch Moir
Halloween 2016 L to R: Maddie Schauerman, Paige Clark, Margo Nolen, ??, Lisa McWaters, Jamie Wolff, Holly Thorpe, Will Maher, Judson Podrebarac, Ashley Wolff Pippin
Halloween 2017 L to R: Savannah West, Sarah Hinde, Giles Guerin, Serena Grantland, Jamie Wolff
Halloween 2017 L to R: Ashley Wolff Pippin, Jill Ahern, Lisa McWaters, Suzanne Ward, Judson Podrebarac, Margo Nolen, Ann Lamendola