With all the sunshine this week, it’s beginning to feel like spring may finally come after all! I do like the beauty of a snowy winter, but spring is always a welcome season with its longer days and warmer temperatures.

Spring equinox is in about 3 weeks, so now is the perfect time to start planting some seeds inside in the warmth. In late April we should know when it’s safe to plant in the ground, but until we can plant the seedlings outside, now is the time to get a head start. 

Liz Magnuson, Plant Department Manager for Wolff’s Apple House says:

“We have all of our seed collection with an emphasis on open source, organic seeds. We also have our organic seed starting blend in from organic mechanics. Plus since our average last frost date is end of April now is a good time to start eggplant, beans, kale, lettuce, many herbs and annual flower seeds.”

My two kids (ages 2 and 5) recently have been eager to help with all sorts of chores around the house, so I thought that planting seeds would be a rewarding task for them to help with. We’ve had so many snow days off from school recently so I’ve had to think of activities to do indoors. Planting seeds was a fun kids’ activity because the result is a bit healthier than say, baking cupcakes!

We chose to plant herbs and annuals. I’ve had the most success in the past with herbs like basil and chives, so those are the ones we planted. We also planted some pansies and bee-friendly wildflowers to help encourage pollinators in our garden. After just one day, my 5-year-old thinks he sees some seedlings, but I know that it will take a little longer than that! Last spring I enlisted his help to plant pansies in a planter, and he was so diligent at watering them every day.

Planting in mid-winter is a great activity to help us start to “think spring” and look forward to the hope of warmer temperatures and outdoor activity. With the warmer weather this week, were able to do the actual messy part of the planting outside, but then we placed our seedlings by a window in the warmest part of the house. We will excitedly and expectantly keep on watering them and keep watching for signs of growth!

Browse the selection of seeds, onion sets, potato starts and a variety of early spring annuals and perennials we have in our market and get a head start on your garden now!