Two words that mean a lot…

core values

Wolff’s Core Values

As many of our customers know, Wolff’s has experienced a lot of challenges in the past two years. Peter Wolff’s sudden illness and death was a shock and an incalculable loss to the Wolff family and business. 2016 was a year of regrouping for us all– moving on, getting through, and thinking hard about what Wolff’s Apple House means. How our past and present values can inspire and inform where we want to go next.

In the winter of 2017, Fran, Ashley, Jamie, and other Wolff family members spent a lot of time mulling over this precise subject. What does this business mean to us? How can we best serve our community? What do we want Wolff’s to look like in a few years? In ten years? For generations to come?

In these conversations, they hit upon two words as our essential “core values,” the driving force behind all that we have grown to be in the past 107 years– and will continue to strive to be in the future. Here they are: Rooted.  Responsible.

What does that mean?

Wolff’s has been rooted in the local community for over 100 years.

We feel deeply responsible to our customers, our team, our family, our farmers, our partners, our community, and our planet.

In this day and age of global markets and up-rootedness, it’s a wonderful thing to know that Wolff’s family farm market has been in the same place, serving the same community, for 107 years. Some of our customers are 5th-generation shoppers, just as Ashley and Jamie are 5th generation Wolffs!

At the same time, in this day and age of global interconnectedness and awareness, we feel that our responsibilities extend in all directions. This means creating an enjoyable and even educational shopping experience for our customers. It means respectful treatment of our employees, and fair prices paid to our local farmers. It compels us to use business practices that consider the health of our world– like using energy saving equipment, delivering compost to local farms instead of landfills, and offering re-useable and recycled bags.

The Future of Wolff’s

What does the future hold? We’ve got loads of ideas about how to make our market more fun and more valuable. We need to do some renovations, and hope to expand our line of prepared foods into a real café! We want to make our store more customer-friendly and accessible. We want to be more education-minded, with active involvement in our community. There may be big changes afoot, but those core values will never change. From 1910 to now, and into the future, Wolff’s is: Rooted.  Responsible.