Customers have asked many questions about the availability and accessibility of our plants during these trying times, so we wanted to address your FAQ’s:

1.) Am I able to buy plants at Wolff’s right now?
Yes! We are open for business selling many essentials like Dairy, Bakery, Meat, Produce, Canned/Jarred/Boxed foods, etc. Our plants are also ALL available for purchase too!

2.) Am I still able to come in and SHOP for Plants?
Yes! Our Plant & Garden area is outdoors in the open fresh air. It is a large open space and customers are easily able to observe safe social distancing while shopping for plants.

3.) Do you have many plants in yet?
Yes! This time of year, we significantly increase our selection of plants. Much of what we have in stock are cool hardy and cold hardy plants that are able to be planted right now!

4.) I am specifically looking for Vegetable Starts and Seeds, do you have them?
Yes! Demand for Veggie Plants has currently been very high, and we are continually restocking with fresh loads of Vegetable Plants and Vegetable Seeds.

5.) Can I check-out outdoors?
Yes! We have opened our outdoor Garden Center register area earlier than usual this year to accommodate easier and safer Garden Center checkout!

6.) I’m more comfortable staying in my car. Is curb-side available for plants?
It has become clear to us that we can’t provide our best customer service offering plants in a curbside fashion. Unless it is an emergency or a very small order, we ask that you please come into our Garden Center to shop for your plants.

We appreciate your continued patronage and we will continue to adapt and improve as best we can to continue to serve you.

Thank you and stay safe!