Fran Wolff likes to say, “the soup season begins when people go inside of their homes to escape the cold. That is when people really want to buy soup.”

I agree with him. It’s just around the time when the first cold breath of winter penetrates my clothing that I start thinking about soup.

However, we here at Wolff’s have been thinking about soup all summer long. Our kitchen staff has been very busy trying to come up with new menu items that will excite and tantalize the weather-weary customer.

After much deliberation, we introduce our newest soups: Vegetable Beef, Clam Chowder, and Chipotle Pumpkin.

The Vegetable Beef is loaded with gigantic chunks of premium beef and enormous wedges of red potatoes. The Clam Chowder is just like that New England Chowder you would expect with the addition of tender leeks and smoky bacon. Lastly, the Chipotle Pumpkin is smooth, creamy, and carries just enough heat to warm you through and through.

Chef Chuck recommends trying the Chipotle pumpkin “with a spoon full of sour cream and fresh cilantro.”

Stop by today and try our hot and ready selection. Or take some home for the family. Whichever you might choose, We’re sure you’ll find the comfort you were looking for.