Grow your own delicious onions!


Humans have been cultivating and enjoying onions since Ancient Egyptian times, and it’s plain to see why. They are easy to grow and complement a wide variety of dishes. But for the modern beginner gardener, learning to grow onions can be confusing. The Netherland Bulb Company is here to simplify the process for you!

Sets vs Seedlings?

Onion Seedlings: Small onion bulbs, hardy through light frosts, which grow into full-size onions.

Onion Sets: Small, dormant green onion bulbs grown from the seeds of the previous season.

The Netherland Bulb Company sells Onion Sets guaranteed to grow! Our Onion Seed Sets are perfect for immediate use in cooking as well as storage for later consumption.

Short Day vs Long Day Onions?

Short- vs Long- Day Onion refers to the hours of sunlight required.

Imagine a line across the United States, stretching from San Francisco, CA to the tip of South Carolina. Onions grown south of this line are Short Day Onions. Onions grown north of this line are Long Day Onions.

Short Day Onions:

  • 10-12 hours of sunlight
  • Grows well in the American South
  • Sweet in flavor
  • Perfect for cooking
  • Does not store well

Long Day Onions:

  • 14-16 hours of sunlight
  • Grows well in the American North
  • Low in sugar
  • Perfect for immediate cooking
  • Stores well

How to Grow Onions?

Onions thrive with abundant sunlight, good drainage, and regular watering. Plant them in raised beds or rows, 1 inch deep and 4 inches apart. Onions need lots of water, and although they may look healthy on the surface, they may be underperforming beneath the soil if underwatered.

Pro Tip: Mulching can help protect your baby onion plants from weeds.

When and How to Harvest Onions?

Onion bulbs are ready for harvest when the green parts begin to turn brown. Pull them up carefully to avoid bruising them, for this causes rot in storage.

Cure your onions for 7-10 days in a dry environment with good air circulation, with the tops attached. The roots will shrivel and the tops will seal, protecting against rot. Afterwards, clip the tops and roots with shears. Your onions are ready to be enjoyed in your favorite dish or stored for later use.