For me, as a bookish writer whose idea of exercise is a long walk or a slow jog, the big game this weekend isn’t about sports.  It isn’t even about the commercials or half-time.

I’m not gonna lie.  It’s about the food. It’s about being with friends, too, but friendship is best enjoyed around a creative  food and drink spread.

In celebration and anticipation of all the friends each of us will see and the food we will eat this weekend, I share one of my favorite appetizer recipes.  Loaded with mango, tomato, and cilantro, this dip is a perfect winter time pick-me-up.  The recipe calls for low-fat sour cream, but substituting plain yogurt is delicious!

Check out the recipe here.  It’s best made a day ahead, so stop by soon to get your tomatoes, mangoes, and cilantro at Wolff’s!

Whether you’re like me and can’t wait to catch up with friends around a full table, or you’re a die-hard football fan, I hope this black bean and mango dip has just the kick you’re looking for.