As “Wolff’s Apple House,” Randy Dole circa 1989

Being the youngest of 8 kids, especially with 3 older brothers, I grew up answering to practically anything. There were several years as a kid when I thought my name was “Nate, um, Pete, no wait FRAN” because that’s what my mom always called me.  And it’s funny, here at the store, it actually hasn’t been much different…I’ve gotten called “Peter” on a seeming daily basis. The reason I bring this up is because the name of our store actually goes through the same thing. We get called all sorts of names…

As “Sunnybrae Orchard,” Frank Wolff circa 1966

Wolff’s Orchard, Wolff’s Market, Wolff’s Farm, Wolff’s Nursery, or simply Wolff’s. And, even though we happily answer to everything, WE are definitely the ones to blame! (So, if you’ve wondered what to call us, don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s us!) Admittedly we have gone by several names over the years. Our first 50 years we went by Sunnybrae Orchards, named after a boarding school my great-grandmother ran in her younger years.

As “Wolff’s” AND “Sunnybrae Orchard,” circa 1975

Then, in the early 1970’s we transitioned to Wolff’s Apple House, apples being our main crop. That continued into the early 90’s. Since then, we’ve gone by Wolff’s Farm Market. So, there you have it.

As “Wolff’s Apple House,” circa 1984

And, of course, calling us plain ol’ “Wolff’s” is absolutely perfect.  But remember – the customer is always right – you can call us whatever you want to… and we promise we’ll answer to just about anything!

As “Wolff’s Farm Market,” circa 1993