Wolff’s Barn, October 1973

One thing’s for sure, things are always changing! New buildings, new roads, etc. So, our memories become a cherished (almost sacred) part of our identity. And the best part is, everyone has their own unique memories – those cherished recollections from days gone by. At Wolff’s, I’ve heard lots of great customer stories. Both about growing up in & around Media as well as coming to Wolff’s over the years.

Peter Wolff loved creating elaborate Haunted Houses in the 80’s and 90’s.

And depending on your generation, people remember different things from different eras. You might remember riding your bike here when you were a kid to get ice cream or a candy stick.

Late 60’s when Wolff’s truly was an “Apple House.”

Or maybe you remember “Leon’s Famous Pies”…Mmmm!  Or possibly you even go back far enough to remember when we sold chickens?

Storefront in the late 1930’s

Perhaps you worked at Wolff’s and picked peaches or apples from the orchards? So if you have a favorite Wolff’s memory, feel free to share! We’d love to hear it!

In the 1910’s. Frank Wolff sold apples off his front porch before the first farm-stand was even built. At the time, 452 is an unpaved dirt road!