Rosemary is known for bringing out the impeccable flavors in Mediterranean cuisine, but it’s also quite a perk to skin. Not only does it help to shrink the appearance of capillaries, but it also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, so it reduces redness and irritation of skin, which can be helpful with acne or a suddenly itching insect bite. And Rosemary can assist in shooing away bugs around the home, too. Wolff’s offers seven varieties of Rosemary: Arp, Officinalis, Salem, Barbecue, Mrs. Howards, Santa Barbara and even the curiously crawling Creeping Rosemary.

Sage works as a digestive aid, and as a member of the mint family, just like Rosemary, is one of the herbs chock-full of antioxidants in higher concentrations than many vegetables. Tossing Sage into a meal for seasoning can benefit those who suffer from inflammatory problems like rheumatoid arthritis. As far as Sage is concerned, Wolff’s carries four kinds: Purple, Bergarten, Tricolor and Tangerine.

A kinder green so regularly seen on restaurant plates, Parsley has no cholesterol, while it boasts richly of B vitamins and fiber. Eugenol, an essential oil found in Parsley, is known to reduce blood sugar levels in those with diabetes. And Parsley‘s leaves, stems, and even roots have antiseptic properties. The types of Parsley available at Wolff’s are Italian and Curly Leaf.

Lavender has a naturally-geared sedative effect and is great for putting to use with your olfactory system in times of stress and anxiety. In its essential oil form, applying a few drops to your temples can relieve a headache and begin to ease knotty tension. An eye pillow of lavender and rice, cooled first in the freezer, is a great way to calm down away from the strain of rushed life-minutes. And since it’s also antifungal, Lavender is good to have on hand in emergency situations but also in the case of aiming to help your digestive tract in battling out bad bacteria. The Lavender available at Wolff’s will have you touring the globe with the following varieties: English, Spanish, French and Provence.

What little critters known for popping their way around in springtime happen to hate Fennel? Fleas. And that’s good to know when you have furry friends you love but when you’d prefer a more natural approach to keeping fleas out of the picture. Even with Fennel‘s strong taste, when used lightly and conscientiously, it can perk flavors at the dinner table when used as a rub onto meats meeting the proverbial plate. Find Bronze Fennel and Green Fennel for your home at Wolff’s.

Bring on the Basil. Adding two cups of a very potent Basil leaf tea to your bathwater can help to ease stress and push along the persuasion of relaxation. When chewed, fresh Basil can help to ease cough and colds, as will dried Basil leaves steeped and prepped for sipping. And growing Basil near where you often find insect bites and stings happening in your yard may be a good idea, as the leaf applied to skin can help to draw out the venom while settling the pain of the new wound. There’s certainly no shortage of Basil available at Wolff’s, as they carry six varieties: Sweet Leaf, Common, Lime, Purple Ruffles, Minette and Napoletano (large leaf).