Mid-August is a magical time: a twilight season.  Just like twilight is the hour to enjoy the beauty of the day before nightfall, August is the month to enjoy the best of both summer and early fall.  In August, all the glory of summer exists, with peaches, tomatoes, corn, plums, watermelon and squash.  The whispers of fall are also beginning, too: cool season broccoli, spinach, cabbage, collards, and of course apples.  Even apple cider is on its way soon!

This is why, in Pennsylvania, August is truly a month to celebrate.  It’s officially Pennsylvania Produce Month.  This year, it’s the seventh year that the Commonwealth has designated August as Pennsylvania Produce Month!

In August, the quality and availability of locally grown produce is at its absolute peak.  Almost all the Pennsylvania produce our customers enjoy throughout the year is in-season in August.

Look for the many signs like this that will guide you to our local produce:

Many of the farmers who grow the in-season produce you’ll find at Wolff’s cultivate farms within 50 miles of the store.  We are close to prime farmland not only in Pennsylvania—where farmers grow over 200,000 tons of vegetables—but also in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

Come celebrate the peak of the local produce season with Wolff’s Apple House!