Our trees are grown by two local PA tree farms that specialize in premium quality trees! We are able to select only the best trees from each farm, insuring that you always have the BEST selection of FRESH, HEALTHY trees to choose from!

We have trees for every budget, starting at $29!

Enjoy a complimentary cup of our Hot-Mulled PA Apple Cider while you browse the trees.  Our friendly crew will take branches off for you, give your tree a fresh cut, drill your tree (for pin stands), bale it, and get it tied to your car!  And at checkout, we’ll give you a special preservative along with instructions to keep your tree thriving all through the holiday season!

Choose from EIGHT distinct varieties

Fraser Fir:

  • Appealing Blue/Green luster
  • EXCELLENT needle retention
  • Good space between branches for ornaments
  • Soft, beautiful needles
  • Very AROMATIC scent

Douglas Fir:

  • Classic Full Shape and Yellow/Green color
  • Very Good needle retention
  • Soft, LUSTROUS needles
  • Aromatic scent

Blue Alpine Fir:

  • Distinctive “Balsam-like” appearance and aroma
  • SUPERIOR needle retention
  • Appealing blue luster with a silver underside to needles… which gives it a noticeable “flash” of WHITE throughout!
  • Also known as “Korean Fir”

Concolor Fir:

  • LONG, beautiful needles
  • Very Good needle retention
  • Very Appealing EVERGREEN/CITRUS scent
  • Old-Fashioned, traditional shape

Nordmann Fir:

  • VERY LITTLE fragrance makes them the best choice for anyone with allergies!
  • Strong, symmetrical branches are perfect for large or heavy ornaments
  • Beautiful GREEN needles have a soft and shiny appearance
  • Naturally WAXY needles prevent drying, creating SUPERB needle retention!
  • Fairly new to the US, but the most common Christmas Tree in Western Europe!

Mediterranean Silver Fir:

  • Appealing TWO-TONE needles have a dark silvery-green underside and radiate out more from the stem
  • Branches are LOADED with a full, lush swath of soft needles with EXCELLENT needle retention
  • Strong branches can hold heavy ornaments
  • Also known as “Turkish Fir”

King Boris Fir:

  • Native to Bulgaria and Greece
  • Dense branches with closely spaced needles
  • GREAT needle retention
  • Also known as “Bulgarian Fir” or “Macedonian Fir”

Corkbark Fir:

  • Native to New Mexico and Arizona
  • Blue-green needles resemble those of a Blue Spruce but are much softer to the touch
  • Classic pyramidal shape with strong, open branches
  • EXCELLENT needle retention

We offer “tree gear” as well:

  • Easy set up “pin stands” —no more hassle or guesswork when you set up your tree! We drill the hole so the tree stands straight—all you have to do is set the tree on the pin!
  • “Watering elf” sticks that make tree-watering a breeze.
  • Christmas tree skirts
  • Tree preservative
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