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Perhaps you marveled at our huge selection of tomato plants when the weather was just warming up and local produce season had barely started.  Now, in the heart of tomato season, you can feast your eyes on the magical, beautiful bounty of tomato fruits—all picked vine-ripe by local farmers!  The quality and selection at this time of year is incredible!


PA vs. Jersey: Which Is Better?

Customers have very strong opinions on both sides of this question.  Luckily we carry both, all the time!  You’ll find beautiful red beefsteaks from both sides of the river.

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Heirlooms Galore!

What are “heirlooms,” exactly?  Over the past couple of decades, heirloom tomatoes have come to represent a shift away from conventional, “factory” farming and towards local and sustainable growing practices.

These varieties have been passed down through generations, selected for their superior flavors, bold colors, and interesting shapes.  Saving and passing down heirloom seeds has helped to maintain the biodiversity of crops—something we really need to maintain to counteract the harmful effects of monoculture farming.

tomato heirloom

Seeds collected from heirloom tomatoes will “breed true”—that is, if you plant a seed from a Cherokee Purple tomato, you’ll get another Cherokee Purple tomato plant.  Not so with conventionally propagated crops, due to the hybridization involved in devising perfectly round, perfectly disease-resistant, or perfectly “ship-able” tomatoes.  For this reason, it’s hard to find these unique (and uniquely delicious!) heirloom varieties in your typical grocery store.

Here at Wolff’s we have the pleasure of bringing our produce direct from the farm, often that very day, so our customers can have true “farmstand” experiences, like buying a perfectly ripe, juicy, delicate heirloom tomato to enjoy with dinner that very evening.

  • You’ll find familiar heirlooms, like Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Big Rainbow, and Brandywine, and maybe some you’ve never tried, like Emerald Evergreen (a 1950’s lime-green heirloom) or Lemony (a tangy Russian variety.)  Striking colors, awesome flavor, some of them crazy big (and some just plain crazy!)—we LOVE our heirloom selection!
  • Try gorgeous grape and cherry heirlooms in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and colors!
  • Many of our heirloom tomatoes are organically grown!