Gnocchi with Mozzarella

Baked Gnocchi with Mozzarella, Spinach and Cherry Tomato

It’s a problem. I see a package of gnocchi in a store, and I must buy it. My hand reaches for it and it’s in my shopping basket before I even know what’s happening. I immediately envision a dinner that is everything a weeknight meal should be: easy, delicious, filling, and at least moderately healthy. …

Cucumber chick pea salad

Heirloom Tomato, Cucumber & Chickpea Salad

Last summer, a friend brought an amazing cucumber, chickpea and heirloom tomato salad to a barbecue picnic. I asked for the recipe and she said she never really follows one – she just throws together a few simple ingredients and it makes for this incredible combination. I’ve made it a few times since then and…

Modifying Recipes to Cook with the Seasons

Summer in Pennsylvania, for me, means swimming in my parents’ pond. Or at least hanging out on the dock with the adults and drinking iced tea while the kids swim. A few of my friends’ and relatives’ kids have waded into the pond sporting inflatable “swimmies” on their arms. Remember those things? The way they…

Leek Soup With Potato and Tomato

This recipe is a Wolff’s favorite! Tip: Freeze leftover soup for an easy weeknight meal later on. Print Leek Soup With Potato and Tomato Author: Wolff’s Recipe type: Soup   Ingredients 3 leeks (bulbs only—the white part) 6 plum (“Roma”) tomatoes (chopped) 4 medium potatoes (diced) 7 cups vegetable broth  2 tbsp. butter 1 tsp. salt ½ tsp. dried tarragon ¼ tsp….