Local peaches in abundance

Fran Wolff calls corn, peaches and tomatoes “the Big Three,” because when it comes to local produce, these are the fruits and vegetables that everyone around loves and looks forward to.  And there is just no denying it: local varieties of “the Big Three” are vastly superior to any non-local versions.

Right now, Wolff’s has local corn, peaches and tomatoes in abundance.  Our corn is picked fresh every single day from mid-June to early October.

Just how fresh is that?  “We get corn every day that is picked between 4:30-7:30 am,” says Fran Wolff. “So that means that every day, throughout the ENTIRE corn season, the corn that people purchase in the store was on a corn stalk in a field at 4am that same day!”

And have you noticed that our peaches and tomatoes taste juicier and more flavorful than peaches and tomatoes from far away?  You’re not imagining it!  They taste better because they are picked ripe, the way nature intended.  Once they’re picked ripe, Wolff’s gets them the same day or the very next day.

This is a completely different process than the one many grocery stores use: the standard grocery store varieties get picked hard and green so they can ripen during the one to two weeks it takes to ship them from hundreds or thousands of miles away.

At Wolff’s, we pride ourselves on having the best, freshest and ripest local produce of anyone around.  Come taste the difference for yourself!