three--also caprese

Caprese is an Italian-inspired summer dish that riles mouth-watering factors with ease. It has a lot of possibilities in variation but usually involves slices of freshly picked tomatoes, basil leaves from the garden, cuts of mozzarella cheese and either drizzles of olive oil or balsamic vinaigrette.

Sprinkles of ground pepper complement this flavorful and especially healthy dish, too.

Mozzarella takes on the flavors and personalities of the tomato and basil,” explains Lori Scheckler who serves as an area sales manager for Di Bruno Bros., a cheese producer based in Philadelphia.

Wolff’s Apple House sells mozzarella from Di Bruno Bros. in one-pound, hand-wrapped balls, and thankfully, with no additives.

“It’s a mild, very refreshing cheese but is rich, too,” Scheckler notes. And on top of that, mozzarella from Di Bruno Bros. carries with it a high butter fat content, which keeps the flavor impeccable.

The butter per ball gives this mozzarella a creamier hue—not so stark white as some mozzarella for sale in chain grocery stores.

“It’s light and refreshing, and it doesn’t weigh you down,” Scheckler says about caprese’s perks as a summer meal that is not only very nutrition-smart but wonderfully satiating to the June palate.

“You’re getting your vegetables, but you’re also getting your protein to give you the energy you need,” Scheckler says. “And of course there’s the calcium content, since mozzarella is very high in calcium.”

On top of being downright delicious and such a healthy meal component in summer months, caprese’s brightly attention-grabbing colors make it easy on the eyes, too.

And the fact that it only takes a few minutes to prepare is an added bonus. When you’re at Wolff’s Apple House next, pick up all of these garden and fridge-savvy ingredients for your own caprese recipe, and share the delectable plate with some loved ones.