Never heard of Seckel Pears?  Well, you’re not alone.  The Seckel Pear is relatively unknown across the country, but it’s one of the Delaware Valley’s hidden treasures.

It was developed here in the Southeastern Pennsylvania in the early 1800’s by a farmer named Mr. Seckel, and it’s had a following here ever since.

Seckel pears are small in size–almost bite-sized– but big in sweetness.  In fact, I’ve heard them called “sugar pears.”  Their small size is part of their appeal: fans often describe them as “cute”!

They’re a treat we look forward to every year here at Wolff’s, and we are excited that they will be here tomorrow.

They’re delicious fresh and perfect to add to a packed lunch, or, if you’re in the mood for something fancy, try roasting them with white wine, honey and spices, pickling and canning them, or baking them in maple butter!

No matter how you serve them, these cute little sweet pears deserve to be tasted!