This time of year, I often can’t resist making apple crisps or apple pies, even though the holidays have passed. I surround tender apple slices with layers of flaky pastry or oats, like a fortress of sweetness. Last night for our dessert, though, I attempted something different: a very simple apple bake.

This recipe realizes that apples are delicious enough to be a dessert almost all by themselves. It keeps the ingredients simple, with just a dash of lemon juice, a little apple juice, and some sugar, butter and cinnamon.

In the oven, the butter softens the apples to the familiar dessert consistency I associate with pies and crisps, while the lemon juice, apple juice and brown sugar bring out the apple’s complex tang and sweetness.

If you stop by Wolff’s Apple House for your apples, you will still find local apples here.  That’s right!  In the middle of February!

Many people know that Wolff’s Apple House is the place to come for Stayman Winesap apples, but they might not guess that this Southeastern Pennsylvania favorite is still local and still available right now! Also local are firm, sweet Crispin apples and crisp, delicious Fuji apples. Whether you plan to bake them or enjoy this local bounty right away, stop by and pick some up soon!