Thanks to advances in hydroponic farming, cold storage and more, we can now enjoy local produce all winter long here at Wolff’s Apple House!

Here’s the latest from our local farmers!!
  • Celery & Fennel!
  •  Purple Sweet Potatoes
  •  Swiss Chard & Kale
  •  Arugula & Salad Mix
  •  Orange & PURPLE Carrots!
  •  Hakurei Turnips & Radishes
  •  Zucchini!
  •  Brussels Sprouts
  •  Scallions…
  • And more!

And here are some of the other highlights of our local produce selection as of mid-January.



Cold storage allows apples to stay fresh and crisp all year long. Two of our customer’s favorite “crisp” apples come from just a short drive away. Honeycrisp Apples come from Weaver’s Orchard in Morgantown, and Evercrisp Apples come from a farm not too far away in New York state.

About Weaver’s Orchard 

Cold Weather Veggies

We are still able to get local carrots, spinach, spring mix and arugula from nearby Oxford county.

Greenhouse Grown Zucchini

We are so excited to be working with a farm in Oxford county to source their greenhouse-grown zucchini! It is so amazing to be able to get perfectly local summertime zucchini in the winter!  Did we mention we are super excited about this guy’s zucchini???

Get Zucchini Pappardelle with Herbs & Tomato Recipe 

Hydroponically Grown Lettuce & Herbs

We sell hydroponic lettuce and basil from Tim Gehman in Telford, PA including red and green butter lettuce, red and green leaf lettuce, pea shoots and basil. These greens make for a delicious salad all year long! Read this great article about his farm!

About Tim Gehman’s Hydroponic Produce 


And make this recipe for a salad with greens, beets, walnuts and goat cheese on our blog.

Beet Salad with Goat Cheese Recipe 


Although it’s not local to us in Pennsylvania, citrus is in season in California and Florida, so it’s the absolute best time to enjoy it. We’re getting California Navel Oranges and Florida Pink Grapefruit.

Why are we passionate about locally grown?

  • It helps support the local economy
  • It helps reduce our ecological footprint (fewer miles driven = less carbon emissions)
  • In-season produce is more flavorful! Since it doesn’t have to travel far, it is picked when it is ripe, and more flavorful varieties can be used instead of only varieties than can withstand long travel times.
  • All things considered, we are incredibly thankful to live in a time when we can still have a bounty of produce available to us with local and non-local options. Eating a lot of fresh produce is a great way to stay healthy all year long.