Green smoothies have been gaining popularity for the past few years.  Throw in some fresh spinach or kale with your fruit smoothie, and: POW!  Your pink, red, or peachy smoothie is now a brilliant shade of green, but still tastes the same!  And, you’ve snuck in some great healthy bits.  What’s not to like?  Using juicy peaches and watermelon in a watermelon green smoothie means not having to resort to bottled juice for the liquid!

In fact, watermelon is so… well, watery, that you hardly need to add any liquid to make this yummy, creamy, fruit-filled smoothie. And adding fresh greens to this or any smoothie is a great way to blend in more nutrients! Freezing the banana first adds more body.

watermelon smoothie ingredients


Watermelon Green Smoothie


  • 2 cups watermelon, chopped and seeds removed
  • 1 banana, frozen
  • 1 peach
  • 1 kale leaf, stem removed
  • (1-2 Tbs. water, if necessary to get blender going)


  1. Blend all ingredients until creamy. Enjoy!

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watermelon - red and yellow