A scene from the British comedy The IT Crowd comes to mind when I consider the importance of eating a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables. Maurice Moss, one of the IT staff members, is asking his friend and fellow IT worker, Roy, questions from a health survey.

“Do you get your five fruits and veg?” Moss asks.

“Ooooh…” says Roy, uncertain. “I mean, I certainly try to. I would say I probably… I probably do.”

“A day,” their department manager clarifies.

“A what?!

Even those who have long made a conscious effort to heap plates with fruits and vegetables can confess with Roy that sometimes it’s a struggle. We’ve all just come off of the holidays, after all. And sometimes we’re just so busy it’s easier to grab something from a bag or a box as we run from one event to the next.

Since fruits and veggies can be especially easy to neglect during the winter, it’s time for a little inspiration. First step: review the recipes above. These delicious recipes call for the root vegetables that can be grown well into the chilly months and store well through the winter. Second step: Visit Wolff’s and take in the array of gorgeous, colorful produce! It’s a feast for your senses–almost like an afternoon at a flower show or an art museum!

With these recipes and a trip to Wolff’s, you’ll get back to your five a day and ace those health surveys!