Earlier this month, Fair Food Philly‘s blog featured a detailed preparation timeline to help hosts spare themselves the last-minute scrambling. In the article, Peggy Paul Casella advised hosts  to plan out the menu two to three weeks ahead of time.

“Oh sure, two to three weeks ahead of time. No problem,” I thought to myself. Then I realized that today, Thursday November 12, we are just two weeks away from Thanksgiving! That means it’s time to round up some recipes and figure out what to make!


First off, you want to make sure you have the classics. I once brought a “fancy” pumpkin pie, with pecans and coconut, to a Thanksgiving celebration, and let me tell you, the guests, myself included, felt the lack of a classic custard-based pumpkin pie.

So when you’re making sure you’ve included the classics, turn to the classics of the Wolff family Thanksgiving table.

Mrs. Wolff’s Cranberry Relish blends the piquant flavors of cranberries with the warm crunch of walnuts and the sweet citrus taste of oranges.

Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce

Wolff Family Sage, Sausage & Apple Cornbread Stuffing: Of course the family that runs the apple house will have the most delicious apple-centered stuffing recipe!

The Wolff Family’s Turkey Gravy: Thinking of buying a jar of gravy for your Thanksgiving table? After trying this Wolff family recipe, you’ll never go back! It’s frugal, using the pan drippings and turkey giblets, and it’s also a delicious comfort-food with just a touch of cream.

Simple Holiday Yams: My Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without yams or sweet potatoes. Keep it simple with this easy mix of yams, brown sugar and butter.


Sweet Potato Casserole: Maybe I’m a sweet potato crusader, but really, why not include both the simple holiday yams and this classic sweet potato casserole on your Thanksgiving table?


Of course, you can always try to launch new traditions, so try adding one or two of these beloved Thanksgiving innovations to your feast!

Sweet potatoes2

This year we’ll be spending Thanksgiving with the same friends as last year, and one friend has requested that I bring these Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Maple-Bacon Vinaigrette. Bursting with fall flavors and unique because of its blend of maple, bacon and mustard seeds, this dish has become a Friendsgiving tradition.


If you love all things pumpkin and want to make sure pumpkin makes its way to the table before it’s pie time, Wolff’s chef Chuck Smith’s Pan Fried Pumpkin with Cranberries and Pistachios is just the ticket!


For dessert, try a Brambleberry Almond Pie:a berry pie with a hint of almond that makes it just a tad different from other pies.

Well, that was easy! Now the menu’s figured out, and we can take a deep breath and look forward to time with family and friends.